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Riegeltechnik GmbH
+49 201 81 41 77 15
Since 1957
Around the Clock 24h Worldwide
Repair of
cracked and broken
Gray and Steel castings
+49 201 81 41 77 15
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About the Riegeltechnik® GmbH

In the search for a competent partner for repairs and repair measures of clever, broken or otherwise damaged grey cast iron and cast steel parts you are with us at the correct address. Of over turn and bore up to mill and sharpen, the competent team of the Riegeltechnik® GmbH stand for you with advice and act bar to the side. Apart from comprehensive consultation about bolts we offer thus a professional repair service to our customers.

The repair of your machines and devices are locally accomplished either in our own workshop in meals or with you. Besides also a mobile treatment assistance of our Maschnen is in your house easily possible. Whether it concerns a mobile machine cutting, mobile milling machines or mobile production machines, we help you gladly and find guarantee a suitable solution.

For our customers we are at any time attainable and offer to 24 hours daily professional support. In emergency are our competent employees for you there and find a solution rapid. If necessary we are within shortest time locally and would drive through repairs, repairs or also mobile working on in your enterprise.  

Riegeltechnik GmbH
Laubenhof 15, D - 45326 Essen
Fon +49 201 81 41 77 15
E-Mail: info(at)riegeltechnik.de
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