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Repair of
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+49 201 81 41 77 15
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The advantages of the bolt method

The Riegeltechnik® GmbH sets stehts on a cold procedure for the repair of machines and plants To this way the expenditure of the necessary repair can be reduced to a minimum, which leads to a every now and then clear saving in things time and costs.

The competent mechanics of the Riegeltechnik® GmbH are around the clock and world-wide in the use. Whenever problems emerge, we do not let you ensure in the pass and for the fact that the existing problems are rapidly repaired. The slogan of “everything again property becomes faithful! “we are fast to the place and take over the repair of defective or damaged casting and steel parts. The Riegeltechnik® GmbH uses for this purpose different mobile machines, like for example production machines and milling machines. If a repair should not be in your house possible or desired, our in the best way up-permitted workshop is available in meals for the necessary work. Often our experienced mechanics can however fast locally remedy create, you only minimum delays to thus accept have.
    • All work is done on the spot by our trained mechanics.

    • You save dismounting and transport charges.

    • "At short notice and quickly" this is the motto we use to carry out our repairs.

    • In most cases the repaired spots are invisible.

    • Mo heat treatment - therefore no stress nor distortion.

    • Sealing against water, stream, air, oil etc. can be performed even under high pressure.

    • Completely unproblematic repair in rooms menaced by explosions, for only compressed-air equipment without sparking is used.

    • We grant you a durabillity guarantee on all work performed.
Riegeltechnik GmbH
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Fon +49 201 81 41 77 15
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